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E-tendering Service

About E-tender

An internet based process where suppliers and buyers to share information on tender opportunitiesin is e-tendering ; from advertising to receiving and submitting tender-related information are done online. This enables firms to be more efficient as paper-based transactions are reduced or eliminated, facilitating for a more speedy exchange of information. Usually Class 3 organization (3B) DSCs are required to be used for the same. For some e-tenders, class 2 organization (2B)DSC is required.

We are the leading organization to offer E Tendering Services to our clients. We assist in the bidding process for the contractors and the bidders for different departments on documents to be filled/upload, safe and secure. we help you in filling tenders online on various portals.

Total Business Solution Services:

  • E-tendering
  • E-bidding
  • e-filling
  • ITR Consultancy
  • GST Service Support
  • Company Registration

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